My story

My trade is design but decluttering has always been a passion. Like an archaeologist sifting through layers of living, I help clients rediscover spaces that have disappeared under years of accumulation. 

I grew up in a frugal family that saved everything. Until reading Don Aslett's classic, "Freedom from Clutter", I thought keeping everything was an economy. For the first time I saw the value of Time and Space over Things.

Noticing clutter is one thing, getting rid of it is quite another. As a once poor, now successful designer, I continued to accumulate lots of lovely new Things, at the same time accumulating books on living simply. It was a long time before I graduated from "less is more" to "A LOT LESS is more". 

A favourite source is Marie Kondo's book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying". It could also have been titled "Extreme Decluttering". The Marie Kondo approach is utterly uncompromising and not for the faint of heart. But her extraordinary philosophy is extremely helpful. It takes mental strength to let go of things and she brilliantly explains how to let go gracefully, without feeling loss or waste or guilt. You may laugh at some of her suggestions, but I find they work.

And now to the point. The fastest way to get your space back is to get help decluttering. Working with a friend or helper like me will stop you putting off the work any longer. I enjoy the hands on slog of creating order from mess. I hope you will find my passion for decluttering infectious. Just half a day's help might get you hooked.

I am also a 5 Star Airbnb host (that's me, second from the left). Websites I created and maintain: Romilly Saumarez Smith and Mile End Press.