Karen arrived with containers for sorting and even a small shredder! I had shown her the room via Skype and we quickly bagged up obvious recycling and rubbish and filled up the containers with the rest. She reminded me that the council takes away large items and that some charities collect, so no excuses! While I agonised about what to discard, Karen quickly cleaned the room's newly revealed surfaces and storage space. 

We chatted throughout and Karen helped me make some difficult decisions. The whole experience was suddenly encouraging instead of traumatic, nothing like when I had tried to declutter by myself. It was thrilling to have my beautiful space back. I saw again what I had loved about my place when I had first moved in.

what a day's decluttering costs


Downsizing was a nightmare for someone with lots of interests. After the move, there was so much left to store. I intended to sort through everything right away, but months passed. I rarely visited the storage space, but often worried about what to do with all that stuff. Adding up a year's rental costs finally shocked me into taking action.

Karen helped me reduce and reorganise everything to fit into a much smaller storage space. Letting go of old hobbies and unfinished projects felt liberating. Chatting with Karen helped me clarify which things I still valued and which I could discard. Getting rid of the large storage space was an enormous weight off my mind.

about Karen


A friend gave me Marie Kondo's book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying" and that got me started. Her philosophy inspired me to change my habit of saving everything. Over the years the spare bedrooms had became storage rooms. I started to work my way through a decade of accumulation.

The impetus to get some help decluttering came when all the family suggested spending Christmas and New Year's at our house. Karen came to the rescue as my energetic assistant. I discovered that she is also a fan of the book. Sometimes extreme decluttering is the only way to accommodate three generations and a fresh onslaught of gifts! 

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The stories above are true but names have been changed. Let me know if you would like references and I will put you in touch with some real clients.